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No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google

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Outsourcing your business’s SEO is a leap of faith – you’re spending valuable marketing dollars on a project and need to show the return on that investment. That’s why many marketers are tempted by firms that guarantee top rankings or specific traffic increases, or claim they’ll improve your position in as little as 30 days. But beware of firms that make these kinds of promises. The fact is, reputable SEO firms don’t offer guaranteed #1 rankings, fast

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How to Do SEO Competitor Analysis

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You might be doing everything correct to make one website successful – choosing right keywords, making proper design, putting new content, and so on. But still you are finding difficult to get your site top rank. This is probably because your competitors are way ahead of you in their job. Like any other business, it is important to keep an eye over the competitors in the world of SEOs. Define Your Competitors In SEO competitor analysis, first you have to know your

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Why Keyword Research is Important

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Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful search engine optimization and marketing campaign. Proper keyword research and selection helps establish an effective foundation for most of your online marketing efforts. The keywords you choose will power your search engine optimization, sponsored ad campaigns, link building campaigns, press releases and more. Before you begin any of these marketing efforts you must have already determined what core terms your site will be

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Importance of Keyword Selection in SEO Campaign

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Keyword list is a list of significant and descriptive words that will be used to render the content to users in searches. The words should be similar to the theme of a web site and should be easily integrated in the web site content. Keywords are mental images linked to what lies in the heart of your customer. Keyword selection is based on consumer persuasive research. The first step of any SEO campaign is ‘Keyword Research’ i.e. determining and short-listing the most relevant

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Is it true – The More the Pages, the Better the Page Rank

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There is no straight forward response to this query which has been flooded recently in various SEO chat forums. Even the response from Google’s Matt Cutt seemed quite vague. He mentioned quite a few number of times that having a large website with a lot of web pages doesn’t directly affect the PageRank but it helps the SEO professionals to leverage the SEO techniques and target for more keywords than they would with smaller websites. This means your PageRank doesn’t have any

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5 Characteristics of Good Domain Names

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Just like the good location for the brick and concrete enterprises, a good domain name is vital for any website. While there are many characteristics that constitute a good domain name, there are at least five that are vital to make them. A domain name is vital for any website just as the proper site is vital for the brick and concrete enterprises. A domain name is the real estate of the web world. Here are the top 5 elements that make a domain name qualitative and

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SEO Vs PPC Which Is Best for Your New Business Website

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There are two ways to improve your search rankings. Natural (organic) search engine optimization (SEO) and paid placement (PPC). Paid placement is also exactly what it says – you pay, you get placed.  Pay per Click is a unique way of your company’s advertisement on the internet. It involves payment by the advertisers to your company, for every click by an user. The advertisements appear on the borders of the website that is on top and sides. Hence, they appear right in

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Link Building – What It Is and How Important It Is

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Everything these days includes a reference to the Internet also. Social networking, information assembling, commercial undertakings and amusement are some of thee features of existence that are reproduces on the web. There’re websites committed to every one of such issues. Internet marketing has at the present turned into a recognized money-making internet business, and it consists of quite a few jobs on the internet such as putting up website having in mind definite products and

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10 Tips to Select a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vendor

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It is quite difficult to select a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vendor. One of the  main reasons is because each vendor has different service offering and quite often it’s like comparing apples with oranges. This blog post will offer you tips on some crucial aspects of Search Engine Optimization and helps understand how you can compare services of different vendors. After reading this blog post you can ask the right questions to SEO vendors and their answers will help you select

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